Jefferson City Landlord Registration

Effective June 1, 2008


With potential penalties of $25/day, Landlords MUST review this law for compliance.  For your convenience, I've posted the law below.  If upon review by either you or your attorney, it is determine this law applies to you, click the link below to download the form directly from the City of Jefferson's Website.


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Sec. 8-100. Definitions.

Landlord: Any person, partnership, or corporation who, singularly or in conjunction with others, rents, or

leases, or continues to rent or lease, any residential real property or offers residential property for rent or lease.

Unit: A self contained residential home or apartment (or functionally similar structure) whether or not

attached to or incorporated into any other structure.

Sec. 8-101. Registration Required.

No person shall rent, lease or offer to rent or lease, any residential rental property located within the City

of Jefferson, unless prior to doing so that person has registered as a Landlord. In the event any Landlord acquires

additional residential rental property, or any person becomes the owner of residential rental property, they shall

register the additional property within 30 days of acquiring title. Any person required to register as a landlord shall

only be required to do so once, but shall file a new registration in the event that any information in the original

registration has changed or if any properties are added or transferred.

Sec. 8-102. Registration Process.

A. There shall be no fee for the landlord to register.

B. The Landlord shall fill out a registration form prepared by the City which indicates:

1. All of the residential rental property owned by property address;

2. The number of units at each property address;

3. The name, address, telephone number, and email address of the owner(s)

4. The name, address, telephone number, and email address of the property manager if any.

5. The name, address, telephone number, and email address (if the landlord has an email

address) of a person who may be contacted in case of an emergency or if a violation of

this code is alleged. Such person must be a resident of the City of Jefferson or reside

within 20 miles of the property. Such person may be an owner or the property manager.

Sec. 8-103. Penalty for Failure to Register.

Any person who fails to register, or renew a registration, within 30 days of being required to do so, within

30 days of being required to do so, for one or more properties, shall be guilty of an ordinance violation and shall be

fined not less than $25.00 per day. Each subsequent day shall be considered a separate violation. Prior to charging

any person with violating this section, the City Prosecutor shall notify the accused of the violation and give the

accused ten days to register, if the accused shall register within the said ten days then this shall be a complete

defense to the charge.

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Rev. 12/31/2007 839

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